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“Thank you for helping me lose over 110 lbs. I feel great and can run 10k events now. I feel amazing and am amazed at the weight loss and strength gains that happened.

I have never heard of, or been a part of a better program / fitness center than Body Evolution Fitness Center.”**

- Elizabeth

"Incredible Program! I feel years younger and have not been this thin for 15 years. I eat what I prepare at home and Body Evolution tells me what portions to have. I even get a cheat day or 2 during the week.

**Best gym- Best fitness center ever**

I'm a mother of 2 young children and if I can do it any one can. Even my Husband Todd is a great shape now thanks to Body Evolution.”**

- Karen

“I’ve lost 35 lbs of fat and gained 16 lbs of muscle. At over 45 years of age, I am a true example of how the right program will work for anyone.

I have tried a lot of diets and crazy stuff you see on TV, and was skeptical when I started at Body Evolution. I found out that Veronica and Shawn have THE best fitness program for body change that I have ever seen.

Thank you all very much for helping me get healthy, not to mention I haven’t looked this good in 25 years!”**

- Joe

“Thank you for helping me loose over 45 lbs of fat and gain 8 Lbs of muscle. I love the way I look and feel.

After failing many times, I finally did it thanks to your Body Evolution 90 day Fitness Program.”**




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