About Shawn Swearingen


Meet Shawn Swearingen, owner and founder of Body Evolution in Pearland, Texas. With no money, no financial investors, and no business plan, Shawn Swearingen started a personal training company in 2009 (during the great depression of our time). He had a vision and a dream that has now manifested into Body Evolution…and the dream started when Shawn was very young.

Shawn was the quintessential “fat kid” on the block as a young boy. At the youthful age of 13, Shawn got up one Saturday morning in his tighty-whities (he remembers this vividly), sat on the edge of his bed and cried. He was very upset and mad at himself, his situation, and he said out loud, “DONE. I’M TIRED OF BEING FAT!” Shawn got up, got dressed, went outside and started running around the block. After five months of eating no candy or sugar, he had changed his diet by eating as well as he new how to do at the time, and had made a promise to himself to exercise every day. With no education in fitness or nutrition (and an obese family to boot), Shawn managed to lose over 35 lbs and grew 2.5 inches. His mother had died from diabetes and his dad from heart disease and vowed to himself that he was not going to end up the same way. After losing the initial weight, he entered into 9th grade. High School – the brutal, social years. After working so hard over the summer, most of his classmates did not recognize him. He started getting attention from girls for the first time in his life, and his whole world suddenly changed.

Shawn was admittedly not the best student. After being held back in 1st grade and failed in the 7th grade, Shawn was placed in 8th grade due, simply due to the fact he was already a year older than other kids. Shawn managed to fail 8th grade and again, was advanced to 9th grade because of age. Shawn was enrolled in the basic of basic courses as well as shop classes and barely got by. Later in life, Shawn was diagnosed with ADD along with an anxiety disorder and was suffering from panic attacks and other issues as well as addiction – to sugar. That diagnosis cleared a few things up for Shawn. Through self-management and sheer determination, Shawn has managed to overcome these issues for the most part.

Two decades ago, Shawn worked in the large fitness center industry as a sales manager, general manager, followed by district manager for a few health clubs across the country. In 2005 Shawn enjoyed the accolades of winning the Sales Manager of the Year Award for 24 Hour Fitness by managing up the lowest producing gym in his division all the way to the #1 position within his division in the company. Shawn was ranked #1 out of 86 other sales mangers in his division and number 2 out of 386 in the 24 Hour Fitness dynasty.

In 2007, with 3 other business partners, Rhino Fitness opened its doors. Over time, ownership agreements and management ideas changed amongst the owners, plans shifted and Shawn made the difficult decision to walk away from his gym and dreams. Just a short time later, in 2008, Shawn he took the position of General Manager Pearland’s LA Fitness on Pearland Parkway and FM 518. Due to an extreme disdain for LA Fitness’s ownership methods and leadership styles, Shawn walked away from an almost six-figure salary including fabulous health insurance for his family.

While driving through Pearland one afternoon, Shawn discovered a locally owned gym in serious need of assistance, located across the street from Body Evolution’s current location. Shawn and his family took a leap of faith and jumped on board in a business that offered no income or medical insurance.

The first week Shawn gave many free personal training sessions and offered free boot camps in a parking lot to attract new clients. Shawn sold over $3000 in personal training memberships his first week and $8,000 the first month. God provided because Shawn took a step-in faith as the Bible suggests. The gym quickly filled and Shawn could no longer handle the personal training load himself, and he hired another trainer – which quickly turned to a staff of 4. After 9 months and nearly 100 clients the gym owner informed Shawn that he was going out of business and sold his client base to a gym that was opening called Dynamic Fitness.

Crushed, Shawn knew that he didn’t have the business knowledge to negotiate a commercial lease, no collateral for bank to financing and no college degree, something business investors like to see. The only idea he could come up with was to reach out to all of his personal training clients and asked them to become investors in a new gym. Within 3 hours of sending his email, the first person responded positively and pledged $5000, followed by another investor with $10,000. In a very short 3 weeks, Shawn was able to raise $100,000 – enough for the deposit on the commercial space where Body Evolution currently resides and the purchase fitness equipment. After hiring a few employees, the rest is history!!

Shawn’s dream of sharing his story and helping others manage their personal heath through fitness came to fruition through his ownership of Body Evolution in Pearland, Texas. A dream that began at such a young age has grown into a $1.25M business that has created jobs in the community for 30+ individuals. Body Evolution is currently enjoying a renovation including the addition of a hybrid fitness center. “Hooked on Hybrid” classes will begin on June 1, 2018. The gym has a great childcare room with appreciable hours most mornings and evenings to allow for flexible schedules. With classes from basic aerobics and boxing to Zumba and Indoor Bootcamps, there’s definitely something for all fitness levels.

Shawn is living proof that you don’t have to be the smartest or the most knowledgeable person for dreams to come true. Shawn shares, “You do have to believe that anything is possible, and keep pushing ahead even when it seems irrational to believe. Take risks, don’t worry too much about the little details, as they will shake out as you go, and put forth much work and effort. AND NEVER EVER QUIT, NOT EVEN WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR IN HELL. That is just God’s way of refining you. So keep going!

Shawn would like to thank Shadow Creek Ranch and the surrounding community of Pearland, TX, for the continual support. Shawn lives in the area and enjoys seeing his members around town. He would also like to thank his staff family and God for allowing him to pursue his dreams.

Shawn now does speaking engagements for business’ and any motivational platforms, for a nominal fee. If interested please email FitnessInfo@BodyEvolutionNow.com for more information. 

Stop by and check out Body Evolution Fitness Center at
12155 Shadow Creek Parkway, Pearland, Texas 77584.